Weekend Camping Check-In

Check in is on Friday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Camp Agawam, Cole Canoe Base, D-bar-A Scout Ranch, and Lost Lake Scout Reservation.

Camp Agawam- Check-in is at your reserved site. The campmaster will come check you in.

Cole Canoe Base- Check-in is at your reserved site. You should go to your reserved site and the ranger will come check you in. Feel free to give the Ranger, Dave Gray a call at (898) 510-0178 prior to check-in.

D-bar-A Scout Ranch- Check-in is at the Martin Building at D-bar-A Scout Ranch. The unit leader or designee must complete the registrations process prior to being able to sign up for any program.

The check-in process at D-bar-A consists of:

  1. Submitting and/or completing a Weekend Roster. >>Complete ahead of time!
  2. Any payment or balance due must be reconciled.>>Bring your Doubleknot Confirmation
  3. Review check-in packet and sign the vandalism policy
  4. Select check out time with the campmaster

After the registration process is complete, the leader may sign up for one (1) or more type of activity. Activities may take enough slots to accommodate all of the youth on the roster. The remaining activity openings will be available Saturday morning or on a first come basis.

Lost Lake Scout Reservation-Check-in at the Elliott Center. Feel free to give the Ranger, Bruce Jones a call at rior to check-in.