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Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

DESAThe Distinguished Eagle Scout Award was established in 1969 to acknowledge Eagle Scouts who have distinguished themselves in business, professions, and service to their country. Only Eagle Scouts who earned the Eagle Scout rank a minimum of 25 years previously are eligible for nomination. The award is given by the National Eagle Scout Service upon the recommendation of a committee of Distinguished Eagle Scouts. Recipients may wear a miniature gold Eagle Scout pin on the square knot.

The Distinguished Eagle Scout Award Nomination Form is filled out and submitted to the council service center for processing and forwarding to the National Eagle Scout Association.

Upon receipt of the nomination form, the director of the National Eagle Scout Association will review the data submitted to ensure that it is adequate and specific enough to permit a fair decision by the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award selection committee. Some nominations are returned to the Scout executive for clarification or additional data. The NESA director is available for consultation in preparing the nomination. Following acceptance of the nomination form, the approval process normally takes three weeks.

Note: Nomination does not ensure approval. A number of nominations are declined.

Description of achievements should be specific. Explain clearly the relative significance of awards and honors received by the nominee. Give facts rather than rhetoric. Words such as "outstanding" are unacceptable. Letters of endorsement are not of value unless they contain pertinent facts and not rhetoric.

Do not set the date for presentation until the award has been granted by the board of regents of the National Eagle Scout Association. The custom award plaque takes several months to prepare.

The presentation of a Distinguished Eagle Scout Award should be, if appropriate, at a career- or community-centered event. It may take place at a Scouting function, although this is not recommended, but should not be overshadowed by the presentation of other awards, such as the Silver Beaver. It maybe presented as part of a fund-raising activity.