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Day Camp Questions?

If the Leader's and Parent's Guides didn't answer your questions, you may want to contact the Day Camp Leadership for the camp you will be attending. CLICK HERE to see who will be your camp's program director.

Registration Updates

If you need to make changes in your registration, please be sure to do an update to your existing registration and not create a new registration.

If you are not sure how to edit your registration, CLICK HERE.

Day Camp Promo

Welcome to the Jungle!

We have a fun-filled adventure waiting for you at Day Camp 2012. Archery and BB gun shooting, cool crafts, nature and ecology programs, sports, games, and water sports all await you. Our Jungle will be full of Tigers, Wolves, and Bears (and Webelos) so don't be left behind. Grab a safari hat and let's go!

Top 10 Reasons to Attend Day Camp

  1. It's fun!
  2. It's educational!
  3. Advancement opportunities.
  4. Earn the BB Gun and Archery belt loop.
  5. Meet new people and make new friends.
  6. Close to home.
  7. Fifteen sessions to choose from.
  8. Builds confidence.
  9. Great highlight for the Scouting year!
  10. Did we mention it is fun (and educational)?

What is Cub Scout Day Camp All About?

  • It's a summertime program for Cub Scouts to get outside and do activities they enjoy with buddies from their pack.
  • It's a fun and exciting camp experience! Cub Scouts spend part of each day at camp, and return home after each session.
  • It's designed to be a place where Cub Scouts can test themselves, do new activities, make new friends, and learn new things while having fun.
  • It's the camp that comes to the Scout, in a location that's close to home.
  • It's where Cub Scouts spend each day with the same group, and visit a variety of program stations each day.
  • It's a camp for all Cub Scouts who will be in the 1st through fifth grade fall 2012.

2012 Day Camp Dates, Locations, and Registration

District  Date  Day/Twilight  Location Map Register Questions
Mahican  June 21-23 Twilight  Lion's Park External Link    
Renaissance  June 21-23  Twilight Evangel Ministries  
Chippewa  June 25-27 Day  Camp Agawam External Link    
Ottawa  June 25-27 Twilight  Greenmead External Link    
Pon-Man  June 28-30 Day Camp Agawam External Link    
Sunset  June 27-29  Day  Greenmead External Link    
Pon-Man  July 16-18 Day Camp Agawam External Link    
North Star  July 16-18 Day Beverly Park External Link    
Ottawa  July 19-21 Day Multi-lakes External Link    
Sunrise  July 19-21  Day Spindler Park External Link    
Mahican  July 23-25 Day  Kentuckians    
Chippewa  July 23-25  Day Camp Rotary External Link    
Sunset  July 26-28 Twilight Kentuckians   This session has been canceled  
North Star  July 26-28 Day Clawson City Park   This session has been canceled  
Sunrise  July 30-Aug 1  Day Halmich Park   This session has been canceled