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Making Updates in Doubleknot

Updating Your Doubleknot Profile

Two very common issues with Doubleknot profiles are changing e-mail addresses and merging multiple profiles. If you have used Doubleknot for any length of time, it is possible that you have more than one user profile. The good news is that these are easily dealt with using the following steps:

  1. CLICK HERE to go to the Doubleknot log in screen and log in
  2. Once you reach the My Information page (see the screenshot below) you may make any updates to your profile (dot #1) and merge your profiles (dot #2)

This page is also where you go to update any registrations that you have made (dot #3)

Doubleknot My Information screenshot

Merge Duplicate Profiles

  1. Go to and click Client Logon 
  2. Click the Forgot Password? link 
  3. Enter the email address that they most recently used with Doubleknot
  4. They will get an email with a link to reset their password. Click the link to reset the password and then continue to the Merge Duplicate Profiles step.
  5. It will allow for the selection of which profiles to merge together and once completed, all profiles will be unified under one email address.

Edit an Existing Registration

If you wish to access your registration at a later date, go back to the event like you did to register initially. However, this time, rather than clicking the "Register>>" button, you will select "To edit an existing registration click here" (see image below) You must use the same user ID and password used to create the reservation in order to view these options. You will see the page titled "my information" and you will see an option view registrations. That is where you will click to proceed. Once you have clicked that you will see a list of your registrations. Please click on the right side where it says "View Details". The next page that comes up will give you the options GO BACK - UPDATE - MAKE PAYMENT. Select the Update option.

Change Registration