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Harry Bennett, head of security at Ford Motor Company, owned the property that is now Lost Lake Scout Reservation for Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company in the '30's and '40's.  During the late ‘30’s Mr. Bennett built a Lodge overlooking Lost Lake. Bennett Lodge is constructed of cement but crafted to resemble a log cabin. Security and luxury were very important features in the design of Bennett Lodge.  A moat encircles the building and the roof was designed with observation turrets. A secret underground passage was built to allow for fast exits.  The artisans at Ford’s Greenfield Village made the furniture.  The property also included a horse stable and a private airfield.

Lost Lake and 3½ square miles of property were purchased in 1965 by Clinton Valley Council, now know as the Great Lakes Council. Lost Lake Scout Reservation started summer camp in 1966 and has provided Scouts with wilderness summer camp experiences ever since.

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