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Cub Scouts
A program for boys who are at least 7 years old or in First Grade through Fifth Grade. Families and fun are a big part of the Cub Scouts.
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Boy Scouts
Boys who have completed the fifth grade, or who are a Cub Scout who have earned the Arrow of Light Award, or are at least 11 years old but not yet 18. Highest rank that can be earned is Eagle Scout.

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Young men and young women age 14 - who have completed the 8 th grade - through age 20.

Sea Scouting
Sea Scouting*
Sea Scouts is a specialized segment of the Venturing program, which was organized to address members' boating skills and promote knowledge of our maritime heritage.

Sea Scouting has an advanced management training experience for Sea Scout ship and administrative leaders called Seabadge.

Varsity Logo
Young men who are at least 14 years of age but not yet 18. It provides options for young men who are looking for rugged high adventure or challenging sporting activities.

There are also two other programs associated with Scouting.

0 Exploring
Learning For Life
Learning for Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America. The mission of Learning for Life is to serve others by helping to instill values of good character, participating citizenship, and personal fitness in young people, and in other ways to prepare them to make ethical choices throughout their lives so that they can achieve their full potential. Learning for Life can help schools prepare students to handle today's complex society. It's designed to build confidence, motivation, and self-esteem. It can help students learn positive personal values and make ethical decisions. Character development is a lifelong process, with roots firmly planted in childhood. Learning for Life has curricula designed to fulfill its mission.
Exploring is Learning for Life's career education program for young men and women who are 14 (and have completed the eighth grade) or 15 through 20 years old. Adults are selected by the participating organization for involvement in the program. Color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, economic status, and citizenship are not criteria for participation.