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Varsity Scouting

What is Varsity Scouting?

Varsity ScoutingVarsity Scouting is a program for young men who are at least 14 years of age but not yet 18. It provides options for young men who are looking for rugged high adventure or challenging sporting activities and still want to be a part of a Scouting program that offers the advancement and values of the Boy Scouts of America.

Varsity Scouts belong to a Varsity Scout team chartered to a community organization, such as a church or service club. It is led by a youth Team Captain and an adult leader called a Varsity Scout Coach. The Coach is supported by an adult committee, made up of parents and members of the chartered organization. It is a stand-alone unit, chartered independently of a Scout troop, but the chartering procedure is essentially the same.


Varsity Scouting has five fields of emphasis:
  1. Advancement. Varsity Scouts use the same advancement program as Boy Scouts. They can also receive the recognitions offered through such programs as the Fifty-Miler Award, Mile Swim, BSA, etc.
  2. High Adventure/Sports. This program field of emphasis includes high adventure and sports and is supported by the activity pamphlets for Venture crews and Varsity teams.
  3. Personal Development. Varsity Scouting promotes growth through spirituality, leadership abilities, citizenship, social and cultural attributes, and physical fitness.
  4. Service. The emphasis is on service, until it becomes a constant ingredient in one's daily experience. Projects are conceived, planned, managed, and carried out by individual Varsity Scouts and/or the Varsity Scout team.
  5. Special Programs and Events. Varsity Scouts take an active part in special programs and events on district, council, regional, and national levels.