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Tour Planning Worksheet
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International Activity

The GLC Activities Committee has adopted a list of requirements to earn the International Activity Emblem.

Insurance Certificates

CLICK HERE for the GLC Accident & Sickness Certificate of Insurance.

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Program is the heart of the Scouting program. When a youth joins Scouting there is a wealth of opportunity that opens up. In the same way, there are numerous chances for the adult leaders to take part. Thesew are all a part of what makes Scouting unique and special.

Camper & Tent
Camping and all of the activities and events that may be found on the unit, council, and district calendars make up a large part of any Scout's program. In addition, the Chief Pontiac Programs add a great deal to the Scouting experience. Scouting for Food is one of the BSA's biggest Good Turns.
Training is an essential part of delivering a quality Scouting program. Whether it is for the adult leaders or the youth, the Great Lakes Council and the Boy Scouts of America offer some of the best training courses you can find to help develop leadership and camping skills.
Eagle Scout
Advancement is one of the core methods of the Scouting program. In addition, there are a lot of awards that are available to Scouters over and above the training knots. The awards page has information on many of these.
Scouting's honor society, the Order of the Arrow is made up of Scouts and Scouters who go above and beyond on a regular basis.
Religious Activities
A Duty to God is a part of all parts of the Scouting program. As a part of this, the council's Religious Activities Committee sponsors such activities as Scout Week services and Chaplain Aide Training