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2013 Camping Updates

Changes to GLC Summer 2013 Boy Scout Summer Camping Season

The objective of our camping family of volunteers and professionals is to be good stewards of our Great Lakes and Michigan Crossroads Council camps, programs and properties to ensure outstanding camping and growth experiences for today and tomorrow’s scouting youth. To accomplish that, we have made several difficult, but necessary decisions that will affect our 2013 Summer Boy Scout Resident Camping and Cub Scout Resident Camping season. Please click here to see a further explanation of this decision. These are the changes for the 2013 sessions:

  • Resident Boy Scout Camps Open for 2013:
    • D-bar-A Scout Ranch | Cole Canoe Base | Gerber Scout Camp | Rotary Scout Camp
  • Resident Cub Scout Camps Open for 2013:
    • D-bar-A Scout Ranch | Gerber Scout Camp | Gerilick Scout Camp | Munhacke Scout Camp | CRota-Kiwan
  • Camps Open for Weekend Camping for 2013:
    • D-bar-A Scout Ranch | Cole Canoe Base | Gerber | Gerilick | Holaka | Kiwanis | Munhacke | Northwoods | Rota-Kiwan | Rotary | Silver Trails | Teetonkah | Tapica
  • Camps that will not be operating in 2013, beginning January 1, 2013:
    • Agawam | Lost Lake Scout Reservation | Paul Bunyan Scout Camp

We understand that this will inconvenience the 50 units that signed up at Lost Lake Scout Reservation or other Michigan Camps that will not conduct Summer Resident camps. We will be contacting each unit individually to accommodate them and offer first priority to the more than 100 sites currently available at the four MCC Camps. This schedule is for the 2013 camping season only. A continuing review of our future camping requirement will determine the needs for additional camp availabilities.

As fellow volunteers, the members of the Camping Committee and your District Camping Chairs need your continuing help and support to make our camps an outstanding experience. Please feel free to contact us through our “Camping Hotline” on the website or if you have an urgent question contact either one of us directly.

Yours in Scouting,


Jack Chandler Gus Chutorash
GLFSC VP Outdoor Adventures GLFSC Camping Director

Download: Camping Announcement Letter | Michigan Crossroad Camps Information


***********If you have questions, or concerns please contact us by:

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