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Awards - Silver Beaver Nominations

Silver Beaver Nominations

CLICK HERE to download the Silver Beaver Nomination Form

Remember, the deadline for applications is January 31, 2011

Silver Beaver MedalBeing nominated for the Silver Beaver Award in itself is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed on a Scouter.  The Silver Beaver is the highest award given to those who go quietly about their business implementing the Scouting program and performing community service.  It is an award given to those who do not actively seek it.  The hard work, self sacrifice, dedication, and many years of service will be recognized by their peers, who will ensure that this person receives the award they so richly deserve.

The Silver Beaver Nomination form is straightforward.  It does, however, require as much information as possible to be obtained on the nominee's Scouting activity.  It is critical that all sections of the nomination form be completed.  Remember, the selection committee considering the nominee may or may not know the person and must judge them on how well you document their contributions to the community and the Scouting program.  Avoid such generalities as: "He's been in Scouting a long time"; "She is active in many worthwhile causes"; "He is a good citizen".  List dates, positions, and sell the committee on why the nominee is a "good citizen."  List the names of the worthwhile causes the nominee participated in and how their efforts contributed to the success of the worthy cause and the impact on the community.

The key point to remember while filling out the nomination form is to provide as much information as possible about the nominee.

Be sure to include dates with all of your information.
Allow yourself enough lead-time to do the necessary research.