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Little Brave Program

Little BraveA recognition program designed for Tiger Cubs through Second Class Scout, and others of similar age.

The Little brave program is designed as a program enhancement for unit leaders to use when planning their individual unit's activities. A little brave unit manual is available for download on this website or from the Great Lakes Council office. This manual is your guide to where and how to conduct events and how to order recognition items. In addition the CPT committee "lookout" training sessions to further explain the use of the progam. Each unit is encouraged to provide at least one adult from the unit to attend these training sessions. These may be registered adult leaders or interested parents.

Note that all activities conducted by the unit MUST be conducted within BSA guidelines. A tour permit may be required. Check with your council office if you are not sure.

There is a limit of one Lil' Brave segment per person per day. Each segment must represent a minimum of 2 hours of outdoor activity in a public park or on scout council owned property.

No "double dipping" allowed. This means if a patch is awarded for an event such as day camp or district cub fun day etc., then you may not get a little brave segment in addition to the other patch for the same activity. It is important to note that the earning of rank advancement patches are not considered double dipping. In other words you are encouraged to use the Lil' Brave program in conjunction with rank advancement activities. In fact, that is the intended use of the Lil' Brave program!

The Lil Brave Program Manual