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These materials are here to help you plan and run a sucessful School Night for Scouting.

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School Night Flier Orders

The PDF documents for your School Night fliers are specific to each district.

Cub ScoutsSchool night for Scouting is a program designed to help units recruit and retain new youth, new parents, new leaders, and help ensure a successful Scouting program for all eligible youth. School night for Scouting is more than just a night for kids to join Scouting. It sets the stage for your entire program year and, in many cases, the customer's first taste of the Scouting program. We must put our best foot forward with a well thought-out, top-notch, high-caliber program.

School Night for Scouting is the basic building block of Scouting's membership growth. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday in September after the first week of school are the approved dates for Join Scouting Nights, Rallies are to be held in elementary schools throughout the council (public and parochial).

Where school buildings are not available, prospective Scouts and their parents may be invited to school nights at churches, synagogues, community centers, or other large meeting places. This should be done as a LAST case scenario because parents and students will go to their OWN school for a joining night before anywhere else. If you must go somewhere else, be sure to include a map with clear directions on the flyer.

School Night for Scouting provides an opportunity to educate parents and families about Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Webelos, and Boy Scouts, organize dens, and recruit leaders.

But most importantly the boys join a life changing program.