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GMGM Supports Volunteerism

Thanks to a new program called Dollars for Doers, GM employees can earn money for charitable causes they support through their volunteer work.

Through this program, the GM Foundation will award a $200 grant to any eligible organization (Great Lakes Council Inc., Boy Scouts of America) for which an employee or team provides 50 or more hours of service within the calendar year.

"The GM Foundation recognizes that many employees selflessly give of their time and talent to help those in the communities where they work and live,” says Vivian Pickard, president, GM Foundation and director, Corporate Relations. “The Dollars for Doers program is a way to supplement their efforts with financial support."

The donated service may be performed as follows:

  • 50 hours by an individual employee on a single project for an eligible organization;
  • A series of activities by an individual employee for an eligible organization that totals 50 hours- leaders and parents both qualify
  • A team project involving eligible GM employees with a combined contribution of 50 hours to an eligible organization.


When designating your service with Great Lakes Council, be sure to search for "Great Lakes Council Inc., Boy Scouts of America"

Thank you for supporting Great Lakes Council by participating in this new program or by spreading the word to all the GM employees you know!